#sandrabayshifters Part 2

Anna Chan
2 min readJan 16, 2023

Part 1: Etaname

Part 2: Ruby Milner

Five years later while floating down the river one afternoon with Uncle Bevaun, Ruby was staring absently into the muddy brown water. The river seemed particularly choppy that day. The swirling brown reminded her of the hot chocolate she loved to drink. Her thoughts drifted to Christmas time. Both families always put up the tree on the weekend after Thanksgiving. The Christmas lights were the crowning glory, however. They could have illuminated an alien spacecraft. They had every color, shape, and intensity. Blinking yellow lights disrupted the reverie. Blinking yellow lights.

The memory of Uncle Bevaun from five summers ago emerged. “There are yellow lights in his eyes. If he is watching you, then you will see them. Day or night. No matter. The lights have a strange power. You see them. You cannot look away. You cannot talk. You cannot move.”

Here, Uncle Bevaun was wrong. Ruby yelled and pushed back from the edge. Her uncle turned to her. His tone was very sharp. “Ruby?”

She looked at him but was not able to speak. Her body shook.

“Ruby, what did you see?”

She could not answer.

Uncle Bevaun did not press her further. They went home and did not speak of the incident again that day.

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